Election day open thread

*Note*: I had planned on updating this post throughout the day with links but have changed my mind and will start more threads throughout the day on election-related issues.*

Post your election day thoughts, experiences, and links in the comments section of this post – and don’t forget, if you have any predictions, post them here.

Greg Tinti has posted his pre-election analysis.

For what it’s worth, here are the latest (and I presume last) poll numbers before election day. Dan Riehl questions the Webb/Allen numbers.

One final note: If you’re a Missourian considering voting for Amendment 2, read this essay before going to the polls. Read this one, too, if you’re considering pulling the lever for demagogue Claire McCaskill.

Tue AM Update I: Voted about an hour ago here – the line wasn’t too bad, but there were a steady stream of people coming in and out. It’s going to be rainy all day today here, which will probably affect turnout.

I’ll try to have my Allman and Smash interview from this morning (where we talked about election day) uploaded as soon as I can get it to load – having some uploading issues this morning. :(

Update II 9:30 AM: Finally got the interview uploaded – here it is. I may sound a little different, as my throat is a little scratchy from me fighting the beginnings of a cold.

Update III 9:47 AM: The GOP warns: Beware of faulty exit polls.

Update IV 9:50 AM: Hot Air has a rundown of some ballot initiatives across the country.

Update V 9:55 AM: John Fund has an hour by hour guide to tonight’s election results. Make sure to bookmark that page.

Update VI 10:00 AM: Slate: Where the midterm elections stand today.

Update VII 10:15 AM: Scott at Election Projection has posted his final projections.

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