Poll: Americans approve of Dems “legislative priorities” – but worry they will pull out of Iraq too soon or hamper the admin’s ability to fight terrorists

Via Reuters:

WASHINGTON, Nov 11 (Reuters) – Just days after Democrats took over Congress, Americans embraced their top goals and President George W. Bush’s job approval rating slid to 31 percent, according to a Newsweek poll issued on Saturday.

Huge majorities of those polled said they approved of the legislative priorities cited by Democratic leaders after their party seized control of the Senate and the House of Representatives from Republicans, the magazine said.

But they also expressed concerns that Democrats might seek to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq too quickly or hamper the administration’s efforts to combat terrorism, it said.


While a bare majority of 51 percent called the Democrats’ victory “a good thing,” even more said they were concerned about some of the actions a Democratic Congress might take, including 78 percent who were somewhat or very concerned that it would seek too hasty a withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Another 69 percent said they were concerned that the new Congress would keep the administration “from doing what is necessary to combat terrorism,” and two-thirds said they were concerned it would spend too much time investigating the administration and Republican scandals.

Their fears, sadly, are about to be realized. Maybe people should have thought about this before they decided to put Dems back in control of Congress in the first place.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

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