Parting words from “I.M.” (Wednesday Open thread)

Thought ya’ll would enjoy this email from “I.M.”, who was banned earlier today (emphasis his):

Sister Soldjah:

I bear absolutely no malice or acrimony over your decision to ban me from your Blog. That is your right and I respect your decision.

Unfortunately, I must tell you in all sincerity that I am concerned on your behalf because you have exhibited an ultra-sensitivity to any criticism whatsoever, even when offered in good humor; a rigidity of personality that causes you to want to control every word and every thought of what appears to be the cult of personality following you; and a mania for perfection, which manifests itself in your protecting your image at all costs, all of which indicates you may (I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist and I am not offering a diagnosis) be suffering from a some form of mental/emotional disorder. I hope you will carefully think about it and ask a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist if any of my comments on the last thread ever, in any manner attacked anyone’s personality as you suggested; or if my humorous criticisms (That is what they were, humorous responses to your talking down to people like they are little children compared to you) would cause such an over reaction by any normal person in healthy control of their mental faculties. I offer this in your best interest, not because I want to be unkind, judgmental or hyper-critical.

I should tell you two more things: 1. I can get back on your blog and post there anytime I want, it is incredibly easy and I could cost you a great deal of aggravation in your trying to determine if the new person is me or not. But, don’t worry, I absolutely won’t! 2. I could start my own Blog and use it as a means to verbally attack you and thereby undermine your efforts (as starting a Blog is so easy – anyone can do it); but your apparent gross intolerance of any dissenting views, even humorous criticism and your desire to control every word of everyone posting on your Blog, I believe, are causing enough problems for the conservative movement and I don’t choose to add any more ammunition to the Left.

I promise I won’t bother you any further, in any shape, manner or form than this one Email and I most sincerely wish you every success.


Some emails make me wanna scream. Some make me want to cry. This one just made me want to laugh =))

Update: BTW, consider this today’s open thread.

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