Supremes to NYTimes: Gov’t should be allowed to review your phone records

A victory for national security:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Supreme Court on Monday allowed the U.S. government to review the phone records of two New York Times reporters as part of an effort to discover who leaked information about a terrorism-funding probe involving Islamic charities.

The justices rejected a request from the newspaper to put on hold a ruling from a U.S. appeals court in New York while it prepares an appeal asking the high court to hear the case involving constitutional rights of freedom of the press.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald wants to know the identity of government sources who might have given information to the two New York Times reporters, including former reporter Judith Miller.

Fitzgerald is investigating how Miller and fellow reporter Philip Shenon learned of government plans to search the premises of the two Islamic charities about three months after the September 11 attacks and to freeze the assets of the Holy Land Foundation and the Global Relief Foundation.

Guess what? Not one of the Supremes dissented on this decision. I guess this means that those liberals on the USSC are in league with BUSH-CO!

Seriously, now that Fitz is actually going to be able to get his hands on those phone records, I wonder how the liberal mediots and their co-horts on the left will view him now? He was the darling of the press and the left during pLamegate, but now?

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