Hillary advisor says the Senator is actively considering a 2008 run for president

Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) has set up an exploratory committee but the big news of the day on the 2008 presidential candidate front is the announcement from a top adviser to Senator Clinton who confirmed that the Senator actively putting out feelers for a potential presidential bid:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic jockeying for the White House in 2008 intensified on Sunday with Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh taking the first official step toward a run and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gauging support among fellow New York lawmakers.

Bayh said he would set up an exploratory committee to raise money and help assess his prospects. He plans to decide over the upcoming holidays whether to seek the Democratic nomination and announce his decision early next year.

“I’m distressed about the direction we’re going in. We are a great nation with great opportunity. But we’re not fulfilling our potential today,” said Bayh, who planned appearances Monday in Iowa and next weekend in New Hampshire, two early states on the campaign calendar.

“We need someone who can deal with the dysfunction here in this city so that our government begins to empower our people to fulfill their potential. That’s not happening. Someone who can unite Americans in a politics of common purpose,” Bayh said. “If I can be that individual, so be it. That’s what I’ll be considering over the next several weeks.”

Clinton, who easily won re-election to a second term on Nov. 7, “is reaching out to her colleagues in the New York delegation and asking for their advice and counsel and their support if she decides to make a run,” a top adviser, Howard Wolfson, told The Associated Press.

He noted that Clinton had said she would begin actively considering a run after the election. “That process has begun,” Wolfson said. He said he did not know when she might make a decision or set up an exploratory committee.

My thoughts? She’s gonna run.

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