The House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct verdict on how Foleygate was handled: GOP should have done more, and the Dems knew, too

In the interest of time and catching up, I’m linking up to Allah’s post at Hot Air on the news yesterday that the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct’s official report on Foleygate stated that there was negligence on the part of the GOP leadership in the handling of the complaints about Foley – and that Dems knew about Foley’s conduct, too.

Read the report here. Think it was a whitewash? The liberal CREW thinks so.

Read more via Gateway Pundit, who thinks the report proves that Dems purposely waited until close to election time to leak the rumors-turned-true story about Foley. And before anyone jumps on me and says “Why should it matter about when the story was leaked, ST? We needed to know” – rest assured it’s not my point that reports about Foley should have been made until after the election, but instead that this should have been headlines when both Republicans and Dems first found out about it, which was way before the end of September 2006.

Hat tip: Iowa Voice

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