Carolina Panthers at the New Orleans Saints

In addition to a win over the Saints today, we needed a Giants loss yesterday and a Packers loss tonight against Chicago to make it into the playoffs. Well, today’s game is now meaningless for the Panthers as the Giants beat Washington yesterday.

Speaking of Green Bay, they still have a very slim chance of making the playoffs. Here’s the playoff scenario for GB:

The Packers (7-8) are one of five teams tied for the final playoff spot and could know their fate even before kickoff depending on what happens in games involving the New York Giants on Saturday, and Carolina, Atlanta and St. Louis earlier on Sunday.

If New York loses, then the Packers would need a win, coupled with either a Rams loss, Panthers win or Falcons win to reach the postseason.

If New York wins, Green Bay could remain mathematically alive to win a strength of victory tiebreaker with the Giants, but would need an elaborate, unlikely combination of results from around the league to make that happen.

If they don’t make it into the playoffs, I wonder if this will be the last game Bret Favre plays?

Update: The Cats make it a .500 season with a 31-21 win over the Saints. Mwalimu’s Cowboys lost to the Lions 39-31.

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