When liberal bloggers attack

The New York Times has a story out today about how liberal bloggers are targeting KSFO-AM’s Melanie Morgan, her co-host Lee Rodgers, and other members of their drive time morning show over allegedly ‘hateful’ and ‘violent’ remarks they’ve supposedly made on their radio program. The bloggers have gone so far as to contact some of the show’s advertisers, play cherry-picked clips, and gotten some of the advertisers to pull their ads.

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters has a must-read post today which gives you many more facts about this case which you won’t find in the NYT article or the liberal blogs who are on the march to get Morgan, Rodgers, and others on their radio program off the air. The key point Sheppard makes, which I agree with, is that the far left bloggers waging this campaign are not waging it in order to ‘make the airwaves cleaner’ – they’re doing it because they don’t like viewpoints expressed contrary to their own. He also provides context for the ‘hateful’ remarks made, and while I’d say I wouldn’t have made the remarks, they are far from what the ‘outraged’ lefty bloggers made them out to be.

This is nothing new for the leftosphere, who acted similarly when the Washington Post decided to hire a conservative blogger for a blog they created at their news site called “Red America” in March of 2006. They targeted the blogger, Ben Domenech, not because they were ‘concerned’ that he might be a plagiarist, but because they were incensed that the Washington Post had the nerve to add a conservative blogger to its roster of bloggers. In the end, I think the blog was up for barely a week before liberals had dug up enough information on Ben Domenech to forward on to the Washington Post higher-ups, and the result was that Domenech resigned. As I wrote in my post about the controversy, it was wrong of Domenech to do what he did, and that it was good that he resigned, but what was just as reprehensible were the liberal bloggers who targeted him simply because he was a conservative posting at the Washington Post. These are the same people who will assert every day that the administration is working hard to take away your right to dissent, so the level of hypocrisy displayed by these nitwits shouldn’t be lost on anyone who pays attention to the unwritten far left rule of ‘do as I say, not as I do.’

BTW, one of the liberal bloggers involved in going after Morgan and the rest of the KSFO morning show is none other than Daily Kos blogger and notorious far leftie Mike Stark – a hero to the far left who was hired as a ‘contributor’ to an Air America radio show, who is best known in the rightie blogosphere for harassing Senator George Allen, and in one case pushing an Allen supporter in an attempt to get to the former Senator at an Allen campaign stop. This is another factoid the NYT piece (deliberately?) leaves out.

Sheppard’s write-up is long, but well worth the time it takes to read it, especially if you’re concerned at just what some far left bloggers will try next in order to attempt to silence the opposition.

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