Uncompromising positions

With politicians announcing almost daily now that they intend to run for President, I thought now would be a good time to talk about issues you wouldn’t compromise on, because there are some candidates on the Republican side – like Rudy Giuliani, for example – who are polling well but who differ sharply with conservatives on certain issues like abortion, gay marriage, etc.

We know there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect candidate’ and no matter who we end up choosing, there are going to be positions that candidate holds that we don’t like but who we would be ‘ok’ with overall when voting for president. However, is there any candidate who holds a stance on an issue so important to you that you wouldn’t be comfortable pulling the lever for him (or her?) in 2008? Please name the candidate(s) and the issue(s).

Here’s a list of Republicans who have thrown their hat in the ring (sorry – I don’t like using Wiki, but right now it’s the only source I could find with what looks like a complete list).

I’ll step up first and say that if Rudy Giuliani won the Republican nomination for president, I would abstain from voting for president in 2008, because Rudy supports partial birth abortion. This is an issue that is deeply important to me. He’s been a stand up guy in a post 9-11 world, but I couldn’t in good conscience vote for someone who supports PBA.

Your turn.

Update: Speaking of ’08 potentials, the Boston Herald reports that Senator John McCain is not as popular in New Hampshire as he once was.

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