Former Dem presidential contender Wesley Clark: We should ‘talk’ with Ahmadinejad

I watched this last night on Hannity and Colmes and wanted to blog about it, so I’m glad to see that Ian at Hot Air has posted a video of this clueless wonder’s comments on how we should ‘talk’ with Ahmadinejad, the Islamofascist Holocaust denier who believes Israel should be wiped off the map, and who believes the US and Israel will “soon be destroyed”. Make sure to watch the whole thing, as Clark apparently believes that we could actually engage in a meaningful dialogue with this modern day version of Hitler.

Clark has also recently asserted that our foreign policy towards Iran is being dictated by wealthy NY Jews. Jon Chait, famous for writing a piece about why he hates the President, tackles Clark’s assertion here.

In related news on Iran, the MSM/Dem push to declare the threat from Iran and other Middle East enemies are as “overhyped” and/or “flawed” in description has started, first with this piece from yesterday’s LA Times that quotes “critics” as saying there is “scant” evidence of an Iraq-Iran arms link (which the liberal blogosphere, of course, seized upon like a hungry dog would chew on a picked-over chicken bone) and this piece in today’s Washington Post, which Warner Todd Huston at Newsbusters dissects here.

Democrats, in working hand in hand with their cohorts in the press, seem almost eager to severely limit the President’s options in dealing with a threat Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) says is being portrayed by the admin in the same way the Dems believe he portrayed the threat from Iraq – a clear implication that he believes the administration is lying.

I wonder just how long it’ll be before we find out that Senator Rockefeller visited allies of Ahmadinejad in the Middle East to inform them of what he believes the admin’s plans are for Iran, like he did back in January 2002 when he visited Iraq’s ally Syria and alerted a high ranking government official there that thought we were planning on attacking Iraq?

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