Dixie Chicks win five Grammy awards, Hollyweird quote hilariousness ensues

The mediots couldn’t be happier that the no-longer-country-musicians Dixie Chicks won all five awards they were nominated for last night at the 49th annual Grammy Awards.

The theme of the day in the MSM is “vindication for the Chicks”, as though the Grammy awards they won make up for the fact that their record sales have dropped considerably, as have their ticket sales, and radio stations don’t want to play their music because their listeners don’t want to hear it. The awards last night weren’t a vindication for the Chicks, because the people who rejected them were not their like-minded lefty ‘deep thinkers’ in the entertainment industry who voted for them to win, but the bread and butter of any entertainer who wants to be successful: their fans. While the Chicks did have the 9th best-selling album last year, the 1.9 million copies they sold is a far cry from their previous album sales, and as noted here before, ticket sales for the Chicks have not been good.

While the media is busy spinning this story like a top, Lorie Byrd takes a look at some curious quotes made from controversial Chicks frontgal Natalie Maines, as well as former Grateful Dead member Mickey Hart last night. Too funny.

Allah has video of the Chicks from last night.

More: LOL @ K.Lo!:

Did anyone else find it ironic that Al Gore was praising “the music community” for their devotion to protecting the environment just after the Grammys got needlessly dumped on with what looked like a ton or so of paper…?

Update: Greg Tinti nails it:

The only thing The Chicks winning tonight tells us is that Hollywood is so f’n’ predictable that it’s unreal.


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