House resolution ‘condeming’ the President’s Iraq plan passes

Via AP:

WASHINGTON – The Democratic-controlled House, Friday, approved a nonbinding measure disapproving of President Bush’s decision to deploy more troops to Iraq, opening an epic confrontation between Congress and commander in chief over an unpopular war that has taken the lives of more than 3,100 U.S. troops.

“The stakes in Iraq are too high to recycle proposals that have little prospect for success,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, leader of Democrats who gained power last fall in elections framed by public opposition to the war.

“The passage of this legislation will signal a change in direction in Iraq that will end the fighting and bring our troops home,” she vowed.

IOW, the “change in direction we talked about prior to the election was all about cutting and running, not changing strategies.”


Update: Ian has the roll call of the 17 Republicans who voted with the Dems:

1. Ron E. Paul (TX)
2. Thomas E. Petri (WI)
3. Bob Inglis (SC)
4. Jim Ramstad (MN)
5. Timothy V. Johnson (IL)
6. Walter Jones (NC)
7. Michael Castle (DE)
8. Ric Keller (FL)
9. Howard Coble (NC)
10. Mark S. Kirk (IL)
11. Steven C. LaTourette (OH)
12. Thomas M. Davis (VA)
13. Fred Upton (MI)
14. John J. Duncan (TN)
15. James T. Walsh (NY)
16. Philip S. English (PA)
17. Wayne Gilchrest (MD)

Here’s their contact info.

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