Poll watching

It’s very early on in the race for president, but Rasmussen’s latest poll numbers on the 2008 presidential race have former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani polling higher than Senator Hillary Clinton 52% to 43%:

In a match-up between the early 2008 frontrunners, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) leads New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D) 52% to 43%. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Giuliani’s lead growing in recent months. His current nine-point advantage is up from a six point lead in January and a four-point lead in December.

Giuliani has solidified his title as the most popular candidate of Election 2008β€”his favorability ratings have inched back up to 70% (see summary for all Republican candidates).

Clinton is viewed favorably by 50% and unfavorably by 48%. The last four times that Rasmussen Reports has polled on a Giuliani-Clinton race, Clinton’s support has remained unchanged at 43%.

While both candidates draw reasonable levels of support from within their own party, Giuliani has an enormous 64% to 27% advantage over Clinton among unaffiliated voters.

That’s big. Hillary’s got the support of her base, but little else.

Allah wonders: Is Hillary done?

I think it’s way too early to tell. We’ve got a long way to go before we know whether la Clinton is done. I have no doubt she still has a few cards up her sleeve. But she’s got a lot of work to do to convince “Independent” voters that she’s the right candidate for the job.

In related Rudy Giuliani news, Hugh Hewitt interview the former mayor yesterday. The transcript can be read here.

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