A sign of things to come in the Plame hearing

Today’s the day that Valerie Plame is testifying before a House committee on her ‘outing’. John Podhoretz is watching the hearing and noted this:

Henry Waxman, who is chairing the hearing into the revelation of Valerie Plame Wilson’s name, just quietly slipped in that “the President” was among the people who leaked her name.

No such thing occured, and Waxman damn well knows it. This is yet another in a long line of Capitol hearings where the focus is not on finding out the truth – but creating your own and looking like a ‘champion of truth’ in front of the cameras.

If you’re interested, the WaPo has a typical puff piece on la Plame, which you can read here. Scott Ott provides some much needed humor in turn.

PM Update I: Some of Powerline’s readers are liveblogging the pLame hearing at PL’s message board. Check it out here. Also, NRO’s Corner is being peppered with comments about the hearing.

PM Update II: Add this whopper from Plame-Wilson to the list of the Wilson lies:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Former CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson testified Friday that it was not her idea for her husband, former ambassador Joe Wilson, to make a trip to Niger to investigate an allegation that Iraq had sought yellowcake uranium.

“I did not suggest him. I did not recommend him. There was no nepotism involved,” she said, adding, “I did not have the authority.”

It was the suggestion of another CIA officer who knew that Joe Wilson had previously gone on other CIA missions “to deal with some other nuclear matters,” she said.

Oh really?

PM Update III: Tom Maguire looks at today’s testimony and finds it sorely lacking – in honesty.

PM Update IV: Victoria Toensing’s testimony from today’s hearing can be read here (Hat tip: K.Lo)

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