Occupation: Moonbat style

Via Atlas Shrugs, I just read about how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently had the unexpected displeasure dealing with some anti-war Code Pink ‘visitors’ who had set up camp in front of her SF home – as well as her SF office. Zombietime writes:

What would it take for someone like me to have sympathy for someone like Nancy Pelosi? She is, after all, the most powerful woman in America at the moment. And she’s been positively Machiavellian in her long political career. Not the type of person to arouse much sympathy from the average American.

But then again, the average American has never encountered the likes of Code Pink and its new offshoot, PelosiWatch.

You might think that Nancy Pelosi, being a liberal Democrat, would be a favorite of groups like Code Pink. Not so. The political goalposts have been moved so far to the left in recent years that Pelosi — as liberal and as powerful as she is — fails to meet the demands and expectations of Code Pink and similar activist groups. They want George Bush and Dick Cheney impeached. They want not just an end to the Iraq War, but an immmediate end, a complete withdrawal of all troops right now. And she’s failed her Code Pink constituents in a wide variety of other ways, as outlined on the PelosiWatch site.

So, if you were a frustrated activist, what would you do?

Become a stalker, of course.

Which is exactly what the PelosiWatch folks have done. Their goal is to personally harass and stalk Pelosi to such an extent that I’m surprised she hasn’t taken out a restraining order against them.

Read more commentary from Zombietime and view pix galore here.

Interesting how these ‘batty clowns will whine and pitch a fit over the US ‘occupation’ in Iraq but have no trouble occupying someone’s front yard and office in order to ‘take a stand.’ Juvenile stuck-in-‘nam jerks.

And as a side note, I wonder how Michelle Cottle would ‘diagnose’ these Code Pinko stalkers?

On a related note, check out the Code Pink protester who was sitting in the back of the room during la Plame’s testimony. Scare-y.

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