San Francisco’s public enemy number one: Plastic bags

Via the SF Chronicle:

Legislation to require the use of compostable or recyclable bags by grocery stores in San Francisco was expanded Thursday to cover large pharmacy chains operating in the city.

Extending the reach of a grocery bag ordinance introduced by one of her colleagues, District 2 Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier won approval of an amendment Thursday to cover drugstores as well, saying she wanted to eliminate most of the 180 million plastic bags distributed annually in the city by markets, pharmacies and other businesses.

“I think the target really needs to be the bags themselves,” Alioto-Pier said in explaining the move during a Board of Supervisors committee meeting. “They create significant litter and impede our sewer systems.”

Under the proposed amendment, pharmacies would have up to 12 months from the enactment of the legislation to comply.

Large supermarket chains, many of which are expected to switch to recyclable paper bags, would have up to six months to make the change.

Supervisors are expected to pass the amended ordinance Tuesday.

Michelle Malkin writes in response:

San Francisco has finally found an enemy it wants to stand up and fight:


Recycling dog poo to taking a strong stand against plastic bags: Only in San Francisco!

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