Do you live in San Francisco?

If you do, you may want to ring up or email Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office there and ask them (because he surely won’t answer or be the first to see the emails) why he thinks it’s ok to avoid a reporter from a news station because he thinks the reporter reports things inaccurately?

You can view the video here. I should note that at the beginning of the video he tries to bite a microphone, which Drudge has hyped up as him ‘simulating oral sex’ which I really don’t see. Back to the entire video, though, you’ll note – especially at the end, how he mentions that he refuses to talk to a ‘particular reporter’ because of supposed inaccuracies on the part of the reporter.

Doesn’t this remind you of the Nutroots when they targeted Nevada Democrats for their deal to have Fox News co-host a Democratic presidential debate, and eventually got most of the Dem candidates to pull out of the debate thereby in effect cancelling the debate – all because of their belief that “Faux News” was biased and not a credible news outlet?

Now imagine the outrage if the President, VP, and others in the administration ‘refused’ to appear on or be affiliated with in any way a certain network because they believed reporters on the network reported inaccurate and/or misleading reports about them? They’d never appear on a single network, and would be routinely criticized as ‘secretive’ and ‘having something to hide’ and ‘not forthcoming’ etc etc. What we have here, though, essentially is Democrats in Nevada, and the top banana in San Francisco, choosing what networks they will and will not associate with – and it’s all ok with their constituencies. In fact, they welcome it.

In Newsom’s case, there’s nothing he can do wrong in San Francisco. He’s broken the law once by declaring that gay marriages were lawful, announced that he would refuse to comply with any immigration law that criminalized illegal immigrants should such a law be passed by Congress, believes that wireless access is a ‘fundamental right’ and should be considered a ‘civil rights issue’, and recently admitted (scroll) that had an affair with his former deputy chief of staff/ campaign manager’s wife while he himself was still married (at the time he was in the process of going through a divorce from his wife – lawyer and Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle). So this latest little stunt by him won’t put a dent in his high approval ratings. Basically in SF, you can be a liar who cheats on his wife, follow whichever laws you feel like, and avoid certain reporters and still be loved and adored by the masses. With a few exceptions, of course.