British journalists vote to boycott Israeli goods

…. further cementing their reputations as agenda-driven anti-Israel propagandists.

Hat tip to Tom Gross, who has more.

In related news on biased journalism in Britain, read this fascinating interview writer/blogger Ed Driscoll did with former BBC personality Robin Aitken, who Driscoll compares to the US’ Bernard Goldberg (formerly of CBS) who broke the lid on liberal bias in the media back in the late 90s with a column that appeared in the Wall Street Journal and later, a best-selling book titled, appropriately, Bias.

Aitken shares a similar view of liberal media bias in Britain as it filters through the BBC as Goldberg did with CBS and other news outlets. Aitken has recently published a similar book related to bias at the BBC titled Can We Trust The BBC?

The answer, as we all know, is no, and it didn’t take an admission of bias from the BBC in order to know it, either. All the same, Aitken’s book should be an eye-opener and one you should add to your reading list if you’re as interested in media bias and its ability to shape and influence the opinions of the masses.


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