“Mission Accomplished”

Democrats in the House and Senate, wailing about the how much the landing on the aircraft carrier cost taxpayers (as if Democrats have ever been concerned that taxpayer money has been blown on anything – except military spending, of course). I think the real issue at that time that Democrats wouldn’t admit to is they were jealous of just how damn good the President looked in that flight suit:

(More photos of that here.)

Over time, the speech – for Democrats – came to symbolize what they felt was the President’s ignorance of the situation on the groud in Iraq. He’d publicly make speeches about Iraq and claim that we were winning, but the Democrats would look at the media reports of the violence happening there and claim the President was as delusional about the situation on the ground then as he was when he made the “Mission Accomplished” speech. In fact, it has become an Accepted Truth not just among Democrats but their faithful pals in the press that the speech was a premature declaration that the war in Iraq was over.

It was not.

As Captain Ed reminds the useful idiots who keep perpetuating that “Accepted Truth” myth about the speech, that the President did not declare that the war was over. He also points to comments made by Senator Clinton, who oddly enough, was saying the same thing about major combat operations.

Leave it to the left to continue to lie, distort, and misrepresent what was said about the USS Abraham Lincoln in order to score political points. Then again, as I’ve written before, when it comes to the Iraq war, the left has proven that there is no amount of lying that is off limits to them when it comes to “getting Bush.”

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