The good, the bad, and the in-between (WEDS OPEN THREAD)

The good news regarding milblogging:

Michael Yon has a new dispatch posted. Make sure to check it out here. As always, he does a wonderful job telling his story with a mixture of commentary and pictures sure. He sends word that reader support of his missions is vital in order for to him being able to bring us these stories, so any extra help is definitely appreciated.

Speaking of Yon, Kevin at Pundit Review has the details of an upcoming reality TV show involving Yon and his dispatches about our troops. This will be must-see TV.

The bad news: Hugh Hewitt blogs that the Pentagon has “has issued new regulations effectively shutting down all active duty military blogs.” Unreal. Read more via Mary Katharine Ham.

The US military has a hard enough time getting the word out about the good our troops are doing in Iraq. Doing this will only make it tougher, and maybe even – dare I say impossible for people like Yon to inform the American people on the day to day things that happen there that we hear so little of in the MSM.


The good news in Charlotte:

Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods teamed up today for a round of golf in the Wachovia Championship pro-am. The Observer has kindly put on their website video snippets of the two of them playing today. The PGA has a blog (yes, even they have a blog!) and a liveblogging of their round of golf at the beautiful Quail Hollow golf course has been posted, along with other video snips and images. These are two of the most competitive guys out there, so I’m sure behind all the jokes and smiles there was some competition going on.

The bad news: At the pro-illegal immigration rally yesterday here in Charlotte, heated words were exchanged at one point with a group of counter-protestors who want the border sealed. One of the border guys said loudly “seal the border” and a pro-illegal immigration supporter looked at him and said (paraphrasing), “one day, you will go and we’ll be staying” to the applause of several in the crowd.

Like hell, witch. Like hell.


The in-between:

—— Dale Franks tries to find a clue for the hopeless lefty bloggers who are crying “hypocrisy!!!!” over Sec. of State Condi Rice’s upcoming visit to Syria in contrast to the criticism the wannabe CIC received when she went to Syria last month. Dale, my friend, don’t waste your precious time on trying to find their clues for ’em. There isn’t enough time in the world …

—— Don Imus is suing CBS to try to get them to pay out the $40 million remainder of his contract. While he’s at it, I think he should sue the esteemed “Reverands” for blatant hypocrisy.

Yes, I know you can’t really sue anyone for that, but still …

—— Dan Riehl takes down the leftosphere’s most infamous and beloved sock puppet. Must-read.

—— Thomas Sowell has come under fire from certain left AND right quarters for wondering, among other things, in his most recent opinion piece if one day a military coup would be what the US needed to save itself. Relax, people. He didn’t say he wanted one.

—— The Boston Herald reports on yet another Mitt Romney gaffe. He’s starting to remind me of another Massachusetts politician who has a history of not being able to get his stories straight. Sigh …

—— Speaking of Romney, don’t forget that tomorrow night MSNBC will be hosting/airing the first Republican presidential candidates’ debate of the campaign season. Showtime is 8 pm ET.

—— Tomorrow is National Day of Prayer. So pray. Especially for our men and women in uniform as they continue to do battle while our Democrat-controlled Congress plays games with their funding.

Two Degrees to Al Gore:

—— Gag alert: Speaking of prayer – or in this case, a lack thereof, a “green” hotel in San Francisco isn’t placing bibles in the nightstands of their guests’ rooms but instead copies of Al Gore’s book “An Inconvenient Truth.” I kid you not.

—— Did you hear about Virgin Airlines showing the 9-11 conspiracy film “Loose Change” (pwned here) as one of their in-flight movies? Coincidentally, the Chairman of the Virgin Group is none other than billionaire Richard Branson, a close pal of the Bush-hating Gore.

No word yet on whether or not Virgin Airlines has any plans to show this upcoming blockbuster rockumentary in-flight:

Toldjah So: The Movie

Kinda doubt they’d go for that one …


—– Last but not least, make sure to read about a nine year-old Jack Russell terrier named George who gave his little life to save five kids from two pit bulls. Have some tissues handy. (Hat tip: ST reader NC Cop)

RIP, little George.

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