Hope for the Senate to swing back into a Republican majority next year?

The WaPo’s “Politics” blog has a list of potentially hot 2008 Senate races which could either give Democrats a bit of a cushion in the Senate, or help Republicans regain the majority by a slim margin. Of course, if reactions to the Senate amnesty bill are any indication, Republicans could very well lose big next year in the Senate, regardless of the outcome of any of those races mentioned in the WaPo piece.

Speaking of the Senate, Barack Obama is taking perhaps his strongest stance yet against Hillary’s intial vote back in 2002 to authorize the use of force in Iraq:

Obama flashed his fangs yesterday as he tore into rival Hillary Rodham Clinton over her pinwheeling position on the Iraq war – the first time the Illinois senator has shredded the Democratic front-runner.

Obama, who has hyped his 2002 opposition to the Iraq invasion, ripped the former first lady after being asked on MSNBC about her husband, Bill Clinton’s, recent remark that Obama’s “voting record and Hillary’s are almost identical, I think, on all the relevant issues.”

“I suppose that’s true if you leave out the fact that she authorized it and supported it, and I said it was a bad idea,” Obama shot back.

“That’s a fairly major difference.”

He stayed on the attack by accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton of trying to blur her transition from an Iraq hawk to one of the war’s most vocal critics.

“I think very highly of Sen. Clinton. I think she’s a wonderful senator from New York, and I think highly of Bill Clinton, but I think it’s fair to say that we have had a fundamentally different opinion on the wisdom of this war,” Obama said.

“I don’t think we can revise history when it comes to that.”

LOL. Don’t you love the dramatic style of writing at the Post? ;)

In any event, I look for Obama to continue to exploit Hillary’s vulnerability on the issue of Iraq, where she has ‘evolved’ from an Iraq war supporting ‘hawk’ to a ‘critic’ of how it was handled but still a supporter of the war, to now a full-fledged cut and runner. The Senator from New York has continuously polled better than the Senator from Illinois, I think it’s likely he’s going to be ‘baring those fangs’ even moreso in the coming weeks as he tries to cut into some of la Clinton’s momentum.

Barack and Hill: Trouble in paradise?

Semi-related: This is hilarious – did you hear about Rush’s recent encounter with Bill Clinton in a New York restaurant? Audio of his recap of the meeting is here, or you can read it about it. Bubba actually came to his table twice – and one time it was with another guest, and while the guest was talking to Rush, Bill Clinton was intently talking to Rush’s date. Too funny.

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