Isn’t this just typical?

I, along with many other conservative bloggers and pundits, have written about the gruesome murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a young white Tennessee couple who were brutalized, sodomized, murdered and ‘disposed’ of – in pieces – by five black thugs, and how if the situations had been reversed we’d have seen 24-7 wall to wall mediot coverage of these vicious crimes, due to the media’s obsession with ‘crimes against minorities – when committed by white people.

Well, that outcry has finally provoked the media into writing and reporting on the story, but not all outlets are reporting from the perspective they normally would have if the victims been black and the perps been white. Sit down – because you’ll need to be sitting down after viewing even the first few seconds of this – and watch:

(via Hot Air)

The money quote, not even a minute into the vid, from CNN’s Kiran Chetry (host – formerly of Fox News):

“This case has now taken on a life of its own, thanks in part to white supremacists.”

I can guarantee that when you do a Google search on this case you’ll find far more conservative blogs like mine that talk about this case and the double standards the media have employed than you will any white supremacist rantings about it. Never mind that the criticism about the media double standards is worthy of discussion: let’s focus on a couple of hate sites that are criticizing the media’s coverage for another reason – one we all know and one that we also know that the vast majority of conservatives complaining about the coverage DON’T share with those hate sites.

Never underestimate the media’s patented ability to smear an entire group of people and their legitimate criticisms due to the actions/attitudes of a few. With just a couple of reports the focus of the complaint can be turned against those voicing the complaint, and as a result the scrutiny being applied to the media by those people falls to the wayside as a result of the media’s ‘larger story’ on the complainers themselves. And the beat goes on.

And isn’t it interesting to see the debate over whether or not this constituted a hate crime? It’s almost like debating which victim’s life is worth more – a black person’s or a white person’s?

Considering that there are those who believe in ‘special’ consideration for minority victims when the crime is committed by a non-minority, we all know the answer to that one.

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Hat tip: La Shawn Barber, and ST reader Great White Rat

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