GOP debate open thread (VIDEOS ADDED)

I’m going to catch up on some blogging, rather than liveblog tonight’s GOP presidential candidates debate, but I wanted to start an open thread devoted to the debate and news related to the candidates. Here’s a preview of what’s likely in store at tonight’s debate.

The debate starts at 7pm ET.

I’ll link up to some of the blogs liveblogging the debate as I find them.

Update: Fresh off of liveblogging Sunday’s Dem debate, ST reader steveegg is going to liveblog the Republican debate as well. If you can’t make it to a TV, check here often for updates.

Post-debate update: Here are a few video snips from the debate.

Romney on immigration reform:

Senator McCain on dividing Iraq into three separate states:

Hot Air has more video, including some Rudy highlights (or lowlights, whichever you prefer), and also points to a video from former Hot Air video extraordinaire Ian Schwartz who has caught on tape Mike Huckabee calling Fred Thompson’s run for president a “Mighty Mouse” candidacy on Monday.

Thompson, Brownback and Tancredo on how they would use President Bush in their administrations:

Brian at Iowa Voice liveblogged tonight’s debate as well and will have some video clips posted shortly.

More: Here’s video of lightening striking as Rudy explains his abortion position:

How fitting …

And, the I’m With Fred website launches.

Wed AM Update: Here’s the transcript from the debate.

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