Heroes honored in the UK

Tigerhawk has a great recap and spectacular pictures from this weekend’s festivities in Britain honoring veterans of the British war against Argentina in defense of the Falkland Islands. The Brits were, of course, victorious, and June 17th was the 25th anniversary of that victory.

Among those in attendance: The Iron Lady herself, former PM Margaret Thatcher. Still looking strong and proud.

Speaking of the former PM, did you hear that candidate Fred Thompson travelled to London today to meet with her before a scheduled speech he’ll be making tomorrow at the conservative think tank “Policy Exchange”? Mike Allen at The Politico has the details:

Fred Thompson, the actor and former Tennessee senator who is expected to announce next month he is running for president, flew to London on Monday to meet Margaret Thatcher and deliver a foreign policy speech, his advisers tell The Politico.

Thompson’s advisers aim to use the London events to bolster his foreign policy credentials and elevate him above the increasingly contentious fray of the GOP race.

On Wednesday, he will pose for photos with Thatcher, which his advisers hope will enhance his support among devotees of former President Ronald Reagan.

Thompson will deliver the foreign policy speech, “Strengthening the Transatlantic Alliance,” on Tuesday at the Policy Exchange, a conservative think tank based in London.

Will he receive an endorsement from the Iron Lady? It’s not outside of the realm of possibility – after all, she did strongly endorse John Bolton for US ambassador to the UN (read her letter backing Bolton here).

Further segueing into Thompson, read his criticism of Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid here.


(PS: Yes, I’m linking up to a lot of UK stories today – it’s a slow news day here in the US)

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