High school students urge Bush to ‘stop torture’ of detainees

Gosh, I wonder where they got their ‘information’ from?

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Bush got a little more than he bargained for when he invited high school students from the Presidential Scholars Class of 2007 to the White House for an event promoting reauthorization of his signature No Child Left Behind education reform law.

CNN has learned that a couple of the high school students privately gave the president a handwritten letter before the official event, signed by 50 teenagers, urging the commander-in-chief to “do all in your power to stop violations of the human rights of detainees, to cease illegal renditions, and to apply the Geneva Convention to all detainees, including those designated enemy combatants.”

The letter began, “We have been told that we represent the best and brightest of our nation. Therefore, we believe we have a responsibility to voice our convictions. We do not want American to represent torture.”

Was it the liberal MSM? Liberally biased teachers like Jay Bennish? Moonbat websites? A combo of all three?

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