The Nutroots left continue to worship at the altar of “Sicko” Michael Moore

Don’t ever let a so-called ‘mainstream’ lefty convince you that Michael Moore is part of the ‘fringe’ on the left, and as a result is not taken seriously. He is.

All one needs to do is check out the reactions (more here) to his supposed ‘smackdown’ of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on a segment where some ‘facts’ about Moore’s latest crockumentary “Sicko” (about the differences between US healthcare and other countries, like Cuba) were examined and found wanting.

I personally wouldn’t have any problem with encouraging any Moore-supporting far lefty who agrees with him and thinks Cuba’s healthcare is so much better than ours to move there on a permanent basis in order to take advantage of it. I mean, other than the rampant human rights abuses and violent persecutions and imprisonment of journalists who don’t toe the official government line, I hear that Cuba’s a wonderful country.


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