More on the Keith Ellison “Bush is like the Nazis” speech

A video from Rep. Keith Ellison’s recent speech to a group of atheists in which he compared the President and his administration to Nazis has been released. I haven’t had the chance to view it yet, but Dan Riehl has, and provides this recap. Snippets:

The Hitler remark wasn’t the first reference made to Bush as a totalitarian leader and he went so far as to suggest that the Bush administration could be torturing people right here in our country. He also states Bush travels with guards everywhere when visiting Louisiana due to the Katrina fallout and that Vice President Cheney, who he wants to impeach, is the embodiment of totalitarianism and Bush is using 9/11 to torture people and discriminate against religious minorities.

After opening by pointing out that the Founding Fathers “got civil and women’s rights wrong,” apparently oblivious to any historical perspective, he went on to suggest the only foundation for opposing Gay marriage was from a sort of religious oppression, moving on to characterize Bush’s “Faith-based thing” as outreach designed to co-opt one particular religion and make it loyal to the Republican Party. He then reminded the group of human rights advocates how much they likely understood the danger from such forms of religious totalitarianism. And that’s just the first ten minutes.

Between 10 and 12 minutes in he indicates the greatest threat to human rights in America is from the last six years, saying, “whoever thought that our government would state and admit that it uses and engages in torture,” indicating it isn’t happening in some dark shadowy corner, but on US soil at Guantanamo. He then suggests that “if it’s happening there, how do we know it isn’t happening here? It’s all a matter of what files they’re willing to hand over,” says Ellison.

At 13 minutes in Ellison characterizes Vice President Cheney as “the very definition of totalitarianism, authoritarianism and dictatorship.”

Red State has the video.

To the Minnesotans who elected this deceptive jerk to serve in Congress: Does this make you proud?

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