“Leaving partisanship at the front door”?

Remember this?

Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the would-be Speaker of the House, savored their victories on Wednesday but struck conciliatory tones, promising to work in a bipartisan way with congressional Republicans and the president.

“This is not a juggernaut just slicing through town,” Reid said. [11/2/06]

Riiiight. Check out this “Senate voting with party” list – who are the top ten most partisan members in the Senate?

All Dems.

Of course WE knew they wouldn’t act in a “bipartisan manner” but they convinced the American people they would. Just another in a long list of broken campaign promises they made in order to grab power.

That said, partisanship in Washington, DC is not a bad thing (who wants everyone agreeing all the time?) but promising to act in the ‘spirit of bipartisanship’ in order to promote ‘change’ in Washington, DC without having any intentions of really doing it is not just bad – it’s a bald-faced lie.

Meet the new boss, same as the … well, you get the picture.

More: Via the comments section, ST reader GWR spots an even more glaring example of Dem partisanship:

Take a look at the corresponding list of “House voting with party”. Except for congressman Norwood of Georgia – who died five months ago – the top 183 most partisan members of the House are all Dems.

To the left, “bipartisan” means you do it their way, not reaching a middle ground.


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