Attention-seeking moonbats at it again

Dan Riehl has the details on the latest antics of the “boycott Faux News” crowd and the extremes they are going through to get attention. One such nutto, the infamous Mike “I have a right to stalk Senator George Allen” Stark actually visited the homes of some of Bill O’Reilly’s neighbors to deliver court papers he thought they needed to see. Straight from the jack as, er, Democrat’s blog:

After O’Reilly provided an “accountability moment” to the JetBlue CEO at his home, I decided to provide O’Reilly with his own accountability moment at his home.

I’ve just returned to home base.

I’ve got video of O’Reilly in his sleepwear (red shorts and a white t-shirt). I delivered the Andrea Mackris Court filings to all of his neighors – every home in his development got a copy. And I put a bunch of signs up along his street – “Bill O’Reilly: Andrea Mackris has your cash” directly across from his house; “Bill O’Reilly: PERVERT” in front of his home; “Bill O’Reilly: CHEATER” on the road he must take to exit his development and “Bill O’Reilly: Can’t be trusted with your daughters” at the landmark boulder marking the entrance to his development.

We had an interesting conversation – not too explosive, but I think a lot of people will be entertained.

And the commenters there are eating it up. But it shouldn’t be too surprising, considering that far lefty bloggers and pundits have before defended idiocy, and disruptive, sometimes violent opposition in the name of ‘getting their point across.’ l-)

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