Revisiting the “Caroline Giuliani supports Obama” story

Last night, in a misc. election news post, I noted the story about it being discovered by Slate’s Lucy Morrow Caldwell that Rudy Giuliani’s daughter supports Senator Barack Obama, and I commented that I found the story yawn-worthy.

Upon revisiting the story today, I no longer find it “yawn-worthy” – I find it a despicable waste of online magazine webspace, to be frank. I didn’t realize when I linked up to the piece that Rudy’s daughter was only 17 (that’s what I get for speed reading through the first paragraph), had no idea that she had gone through the lengths of using slightly different last name on her Facebook page – presumably in order to protect herself from mediots searching for an angle to use against her father, and wasn’t aware that only ‘select’ people (‘users who have access to New York City’s Trinity School or Harvard University networks,’ as per the AP and CBS) had access to her Facebook profile. In other words, not just anyone had the access to finding out this information. Her Facebook entry has now been removed – I assume at her request – thanks to the story and the negative attention it’s brought towards her family, specifically her father. But not before was able to grab a screencap of it.

Memo to, and other MSM outlets who chose to run this story: Underage children of politicians have the right to support whomever they want to and in turn, the media ought to exercise common courtesy and a healthy dose of restraint in dealing with stories about them. Learning about who 17 y/o Caroline Giuliani supports for president didn’t get us any closer to finding out more about who her father is and what he stands for. But what it did give quite a few unscrupulous people was the opportunity to score a cheap political point against Rudy at the expense of his teenage daughter (which Scott Whitlock notes here).

This is little more than tabloid journalism, and the editors at – a publication I respect – should have known better than to run this story in the first place.

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