Far left Democrats to newly-elected Blue Dog Democrats

Paraphrasing the Nutroots (via Eye on 08): “We’re very happy that you were elected, which helped put us back in the majority in Congress, but if you don’t change your moderate to conservative positions, we’ll target you for defeat.”

I wonder if this is the type of thing Kos would also label as “respectful cooperation“?

When you get done reading what the far left has in mind for these ‘wayward Democrats,’ check out McQ’s suggestion for what Republicans should do in turn. His suggestion would be especially effective, considering that the far left would be working against a conservative Democrat in hopes of one day landing a ‘progressive’ Democrat as the nominee in that particular conservative district … which would almost ensure a Republican victory.

Heheh. I love it. Hey, their symbol isn’t a jackass for nothing, ya know ;)

Let the ‘geotargeting’ begin!

PM Update: Sigh. Since my email is filling up with “hypocrite!”-style insults, let me clarify my position for the not especially bright: Targeting a politician in and of itself is not the problem. Not being happy that you have a moderate Congressman is not the problem. No diehard R or D cares for moderates. It’s when Democrats at the time ‘cheered’ the moderate to conservative Democrats who were elected because they gave the Dems the majority, who now expect those same moderate to conservative Democrats to change their positions on the issues because they’re not far left enough. Newsflash: These Blue Dog Dems were elected in their states/districts, in part, based on their moderate to conservative positions on the issues. Why the hell should they change them because the Daily Kos, Morons.org, etc don’t like them? Those people weren’t elected by far lefties nationwide: they were elected by the people in their states/districts to represent them, not the far left.

But hey, it’s no skin off my back. As mentioned earlier, Republicans will be more than happy to help Dems ‘target’ those traitorous Democrats to the point a more ‘progressive’ (cough) Democrat will defeat them in a primary, to go on to face a conservative Republican who will have a better shot at winning. So, by all means, do your thing!


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