Barry Manilow: Elisabeth Hasselbeck is “offensive and dangerous”

It’s no secret that the ABC daytime show The View is an overwhelmingly liberal show. Just last week I blogged about the torture I went through having to watch a few segments of it while waiting to have the oil changed in my car.

If you’ve ever watched a segment of The View, whether it be on ABC itself or via a video on YouTube, you know by now that Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the show’s lone conservative, is about as nice as she can be to liberal guests while maintaining her ground. In fact, on the show I had the misfortune of having to sit through last week, the uber-liberal actress and staunch opponent of the war in Iraq Susan Sarandon was talking about her role in an anti-war flick, and was minimizing her contribution to it, when Hasselbeck told her she “disagreed” with her and believed she made a much bigger contribution to the movie than she gave herself credit for, which Sarandon, in turn, thanked her for saying.

Hasselbeck sounds really scary and intimidating, doesn’t she?

At least to Barry Manilow she does, anyway. Via Richard Newcomb at Newsbusters:

Barry Manilow epitomizes the liberal reaction to being forced to share a stage with someone with whom he disagrees- instant flight! Manilow is apparently cancelling his scheduled appearance on the mostly-liberal gabfest show ‘The View’ because new host Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a conservative. According to TMZ, Manilow said of Hasselbeck,

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Barry says, “I strongly disagree with her views. I think she’s dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her.”

Newcomb then compares Manilow’s chickening out to the Democrats cutting and running from two scheduled debates that were supposed to be co-hosted by Fox News. He’s got a point. I mean, it’s pretty clear from what happened with the Fox News debates that Democrats like Hillary Clinton were uncomfortable with the idea that they might get more than just softball questions. And the presidential contenders aren’t the only ones who aren’t interested in having their ideas under the microscope. For example, the Goracle isn’t exactly keen on debating so-called ‘man-made global warming.’ And other global warming alarmists like him go so far as to try and intimidate into silence anyone who disagrees with the prevailing argument on global warming. One alarmist who writes for an environmental magazine has even called for “Nuremburg-style trials” for gw skeptics. And let’s not forget how Senate Democrats threatened ABC’s broadcast license last year over the ABC docu-drama Path to 9-11, which was critical of the Clinton administration’s failed counterterrorism measures, while Bill Clinton himself got his lawyers involved in an attempt to pull Path to 9-11 altogether.

The Democratic party – and many of their supporters – would have you believe they are all for the “free and open exchange of ideas” but when it comes right down to it, they’d like nothing more than to ignore the fact that there are two sides to every issue. Except when it comes to getting their own message out, of course, when you consider that some of these very same people who aren’t interested in debating conservatives are the very same people who are just itching to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, because they’re upset that liberal talk radio isn’t popular and feel the only way they can get their ideas out there to the American people is by mandating some type of ‘equality in broadcasting’ nonsense – monitored by the state – in which conservative talk radio stations would be forced to air liberal talk shows. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I believe it’s entirely possible that their goal isn’t really to have a “balance” in broadcasting, but instead is a way to attempt to shut down conservative talk shows, because liberals know conservatives won’t stand for being legally obligated to give them ‘equal time’ on their radio stations.

In Manilow’s case, and that of many other head in sand liberals (the same liberals who want everyone to believe they are ‘enlightened’) ignorance is the preferred method when it comes to the possiblity of being exposed to any opinions contrary to their worldview. “I don’t want to debate. You should just believe me,” is what they’re essentially saying. Such a stance is an indication that these liberals know their ideas won’t hold up under close scrutiny. Manilow is just one more self-important lefty who doesn’t want his little liberal bubble burst by a harsh dose of reality.

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