More on the Gathering of Eagles rally

Tantor at the Conservative Propaganda blog has a really cool recap of the events that took place this weekend in Washington, both with the Gathering of Eagles as well as the anti-war nuts both from ANSWER and Code Pink.

His photoblogging of the GOE is up here. There are tons of great photos, many of them you will get quite a chuckle out of ;)

The not so funny photos are here, of the Code Pink protest – and he even had the chance to interview Medea Benjamin, the co-founder of Code Pink.

189 anti-war protesters who supposedly prefer “peace” over war were arrested this weekend. Here’s more on that, via the NYT. I know these anti-war groups wouldn’t dare to adopt a motto that was more fitting to their ’cause’ (something along the lines of “through violence, peace” or something like that, perhaps?), but then again they really don’t have to, as their actions speak just as loud as their words do.

Update: Ray Drake from the Davids Medienkritik blog has the details on how the German media are spinning the numbers on how many anti-war protesters there were in DC this past weekend.

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