America-hating on Columbus Day

There’s always at least one liberal in the crowd who will use a holiday as an opportunity to bash America, and today is no exception. James Carroll writes today in the Boston Globe about a “troubling” turn in our history and – yep – you guessed it, it’s George W. Bush’s fault.

Jules Crittenden delivers the appropriate verbal smackdown here.

Captain Ed provides a reminder that Carroll is also the same guy who argued back on Labor Day in favor of Marxism.

I will say I agree with the sentiment that we’re seeing a troubling turn in our history – but it has nothing to do with President Bush, but instead everything to do with the increasing numbers of far left perspective-lacking, clueless liberals like Carroll, who view the United States (under Republican presidents, of course) as the bigger enemy to freedom than any threat we are currently facing, and who seek to undermine it by siding with those who wish to do us and our allies harm and also by advocating a political system (yes, that’s Howard Dean speaking at the PES-Congress of European Socialists Parties convention last December) that replaces freedom with fear of and submission to the state.

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