Fleet Week in San Francisco

In spite of the loony left’s attempts in SF to ground them, the Blue Angels (seen in practice photos here) flew proudly over SF skies this past weekend as part of their 26th annual Fleet Week. The Examiner’s John Upton reports:

After efforts led by local peace groups and Supervisor Chris Daly failed to rid the Navy’s annual Fleet Week of aerobatic displays by fighter jets, hundreds of thousands of people packed onto streets, beaches, parks, bridges and rooftops around northeast San Francisco on Sunday afternoon to cheer and gasp at the pilots’ hair-raising stunts.

“Here we go” said an excited man to his wife between bites of his ice cream, as a distant, growing rumble around 2 p.m. foreshadowed the arrival of the jets. “Here they come.”

As a cavalcade of big and small planes flew in formation and crisscrossed each others’ paths above The City and the Bay — billowing clouds of red, white and blue smoke across the otherwise clear sky — the streets below buzzed with excited families and awe-struck children.

“These are hot” said Karry Farebrother, 12, as a pair of jets noisily drew a blue and red heart in the sky.

Karry’s father, Ed Farebrother, who was watching the show with his daughter on a blanket at Ghirardelli Square, agreed. “If they don’t like it” he said, “they should just put some earplugs in — or get out of town.”

View some amazing photos of the Blue Angels from Saturday and Sunday here, here, and here. Jerhad has video here.

Bookworm Room was there and shares her thoughts.

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