San Francisco anti-war nuts want to ground Blue Angels airshow

Posted by: ST on June 7, 2007 at 9:16 pm

In another stunning display of hatred against our military in the city of San Francisco, Code Pink and their allies – along with a San Fran Supervisor – are working to ground the famous Blue Angels show from flying in their city (emphasis added):

SAN FRANCISCO (Map, News) – The annual aerial show by the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels — a San Francisco tradition dating back to 1981 that pumps millions into the local economy — is running into opposition from three local peace advocacy groups that are calling for a permanent halt to the popular Fleet Week flyover.

CodePink, Global Exchange and Veterans for Peace, Chapter 69, are working with Supervisor Chris Daly on a Board of Supervisors resolution to address concerns over the Blue Angels.

Daly acknowledged he is considering a call to halt the flyovers because, he said, “they seem dangerous and unnecessary.” Daly said he plans on introducing the resolution as early as Tuesday, but is still drafting the language. A resolution is not legally binding, but states a board position.

The Blue Angels, a team of navy fighter pilots, fly over San Francisco during Fleet Week, which this year is scheduled for Oct. 4 through Oct. 9. For four of the six days, the flashy blue- and yellow-striped planes soar through the skies over the northern waterfront at speeds reaching 700 miles per hour, and perform such maneuvers as vertical rolls. As part of the show, six planes group together in tight formation to perform deft maneuvers.

The Blue Angels have 35 air shows scheduled in 2007 in various U.S. locations. Last year, more than 15 million people watched the fighter pilots. (Watch a short video of the 2006 air show in San Francisco.)

Veterans for Peace takes issue with the pro-military message and the recruiting efforts that come along with the annual visit as well as what it refers to as the “noise pollution.” The group calls the event a public safety risk, pointing to the April crash of a Blue Angels plane during an air show in Beaufort, S.C.

Just a slight miscalculation or a mechanical failure can cause a plane to “go barreling into the Golden Gate Bridge or a high-rise and cause a significant amount of damage” said Paul Cox, a Vietnam veteran and member of the Veterans for Peace.

All in favor of a Constitutional amendment forcing San Francisco to secede from the union permanently say “aye” …

Hat tip to ST reader Sev, who suggests we build a wall around them …

Here’s another schweeeeeeet Blue Angels vid:

Woooweee! Gotta love those flyboys! ;;)


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  • 17 Responses to “San Francisco anti-war nuts want to ground Blue Angels airshow”


    1. steveegg says:

      I say we refuse to rebuild San Fran when the Big One hits.

    2. NC Cop says:

      May I add my “AYE!!!”

      The city of San Francisco really makes me sick to my stomach. The very military they despise are the reason why they can say such idiotic things in the first place.

    3. lawhawk says:

      San Francisco politicos have such utter disdain for the military, until they need help after a natural disaster like an earthquake. Then, they’ll come calling and howl faster than you can imagine if the military isn’t there before the shaking stops. They’ll complain that the military doesn’t have enough capabilities to help with the relief efforts, etc.

      And all the while, they’ll stop at nothing to dishonor those who serve.

      They did so when the Navy considered placing a battleship, the USS Iowa, in the harbor as part of a museum along the waterfront.

      I also have this footage of the Blue Angels in action, which I included in my Memorial Day coverage.

    4. Don Surber says:

      St. Francis cries

    5. Brian says:

      I agree with LA Hawk. I grew up in Silicon Valley, which is about an hour south of the city of San Francisco, and I served as a sonar tech on submarines in the US Navy from 1999 to 2003. San Francisco disgusts me, they spit on veterans regularly. Plus they are against capitalism and strongly in favor of communism. I agree with Veterans for Peace on some points, but I don’t support them here since they’re dishonoring the fine Naval Aviators who fly the blue angels jets.

    6. Glenn M. Cassel, AMH1,USN, RETIRED says:

      So maybe the Hornets of the BLUES should be armed?:d It would not bother me to see weapons released over san fran nanville. They are useless f***ing civilian scumbags anyway. I have done more for this country in ONE DAY than all of those dirtbags have thought of in their eintire collective lives.

    7. Baklava says:

      I worked in San Francisco for a year and half. There were more intolerant and judgmental people there than anywhere else I’ve been.

      Every one of them thought they knew what I thought because I came from Virginia. They also thought they knew what my neighbors in VA were like and… they thought that Virginians were part of the problem being part of the “bible belt”. And oh my. You’d think Pat Robertson was the only person in Virginia on TV.

    8. From the leaning straight up link:

      Can we boycott The City now?

      How bout the *wall not being built money* go to an *all illegal south of the border bunch* and have’em erect one high enough to keep the stench from the morons in San Fran Freakshow in. They can build it from the inside and when they get done, go live with traitorous asshats in the skanktuary city……..all 12 million of them.

    9. Drewsmom says:

      My x-husband went to San Fran on a buisness trip last year and came back saying he saw things no mortal should ever have to witness. If these pink-o-wack jobs get this cancelled, I agree, let’s withold the military help when the next quake hits em.

    10. Tango says:

      “Noise pollution,” indeed! That’s the sound of FREEDOM, baby! **==**==**==**==

    11. PCD says:

      I think we should kick SF and Marin county out of the country. They should call themselves Sodom and Gomorrah.

    12. Leslie says:

      Perhaps singer/songwriter Heather Nova will not mind if I quote from her tribute to Amelia Earhart, entitled “I Miss My Sky” and place it in another context.

      But sometimes
      Sometimes I cry
      Sometimes I wonder
      Why we’re always coming down
      Why we need to touch the ground
      Why I didn’t keep on heading
      Right on up to heaven
      I miss my sky
      I miss my sky

      (the song appears on her beautiful CD “Redbird.”)


    13. CZ says:

      Support the troops? Don’t we often hear lefties in the media claim they support the troops but not the mission? French troops maybe.

      S.F. would be a nice place to live if it weren’t for the people.~:>

    14. adam says:

      I live in San Francisco and I am tired of the Supervisor’s wasting my tax dollars and their time on issues where they have no control. Please post this help us get San Francisco back. I live in San Francisco and on Friday I was watching the morning news and I learned that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering a policy to ban the Blue Angels during Fleet Week. Since the tragic accident in South Carolina the US Navy has cleared the Blue Angels to perform. I am under impression this is more of political move than an issue about safety. Historically you’ll see that the Blue Angels have an excellent safety recorded and the FAA and US Navy take every effort to protect the pilots and the spectators. The pressure to cancel the Blue Angels is coming primarily from special interest groups not San Francisco residents. Keep in mind that Fleet Week generates over $4 million in revenue for the city annually.

      In addition to safety Code Pink sites “fuel waste” as an issue. We would save more fuel and energy if everyone in the city used energy saving light bulbs than an annual 2 day air show. See link below. Buy am energy saving light bulb and spend your on educating American’s on that issue. The airhsow is not only a point of pride for citizens also for the men and woman in the arm services. This is chance from them to display their professional excellence with honor.

      This policy is being considered and introduced by Chris Daly (Chris Daly | 415-554-7970) NEXT WEEK, therefore please take just a moment and email your Daly and the Supervisor today. Additionally, take a few moments and email this to your friends, family and co-workers. If you’re not a resident please email the Mayor.
      Keep in mind we don’t have any special interest groups to help us this is entirely a grassroots effort. If you want to save the Blue Angel’s please act today and encourage others to do so as well.
      Thank you,

      It is best to put these type if letters in your own words but feel free to use this template. Also use your contact information so you’re identified as a real person and not spam.

      I want the Blue Angels to continue to perform at Fleet Week as they have for years. In addition to clear economic benefits of the event this is an annual tribute which I have enjoyed with my friends and family for years. Please do not let special interest groups take away one of the most unique events in San Francisco.
      Thank you.

      Click on your district and their contact field.
      Mayor’s office:
      Light Bulb Facts :