Today’s GOP debate

The CNBC/MSNBC/WSJ debate, moderated by Chris Matthews (ick) starts at 4pm ET and will be broadcast on CNBC. MSNBC will also have a livestream of the debate, and will re-broadcast the debate on its network at 9pm ET. I’ll update this post with a direct link to the livestream as soon as it becomes available. Update: Here’s that link.

For those still at work and unable to watch it, here are some places that are liveblogging the debate:

—- Right Wing News

—- (I’ll provide a direct link to the post when available – Update: Here it is).

—- The Fred Thompson blog

—- Steve at No Runny Eggs

—- Allahpundit

The Politico’s Jonathan Martin will have commentary about the debate throughout the day. Just keep scrolling.

Update: Since everyone was watching to see how Fred would do, I’m linking up to a post on his blog (written by Sean Hackbarth) which contains several links to how some prominent conservatives viewed Fred’s first debate.

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