Democrats support the troops, bbbbbut …

… not enough to refrain from deliberately alienating a key ally in the war on terror (Turkey) at a crucial time during the Iraq war. Joust The Facts has a good summary of the issue here.

Related to this, the idiotic Soros-funded Media Matters can’t seem to understand the reason why candidate GWB’s 2000 pledge to recognize the genocide of Armenians versus President GWB’s 2007 position that being in the middle of a war in Iraq is not exactly the best time to do so is not an inconsistent position.

And check out this silly columnist’s piece, where the assumption is made that President Bush doesn’t know what genocide even is. I’d say GWB has done more in an effort to prevent genocide worldwide D. Parvaz ever will.

Let’s also not forget how many Democrats never wanted us to go to war in Iraq in the first place, which would have meant that the genocide taking place there under the reign of Saddam Hussein would have continued. The Democrats’ selective “concerns” about genocide is getting tiresome.

Speaking of, where are the House and Senate resolutions condemning candidates Clinton and Obama for essentially suggesting that they didn’t care whether or not genocide happened in Iraq once they, if one of them is elected president, scaled down and eventually (in short order) pulled our troops out of Iraq? Oh, that’s right, we’re only interested in condemning genocide that happened nearly 90 years ago by another country, not the genocide we’ll have on our own hands if either of those two “progressives” get elected as CIC and pull US forces out of Iraq.


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