Hillary Clinton hypocrisy watch

Josh Gerstein at the NY Sun reports that Hillary is (surprise) doing something she slammed the president for doing 3 years ago:

Senator Clinton, who is using images from ground zero in a new television ad for her presidential campaign, sharply criticized President Bush when he put pictures from the World Trade Center site in his campaign advertising.

“The President has said in the past that he would do nothing that would politicize this terrible tragedy,” Mrs. Clinton was quoted as saying in the Daily News on March 6, 2004, shortly after Mr. Bush’s ads were released. “I hope that they would be more sensitive going forward.”

Mrs. Clinton’s new 30-second ad, which is running in Iowa and New Hampshire, includes a black-and-white still photograph of firefighters walking through the rubble and another of Mrs. Clinton wearing a dust mask as she met with rescue personnel.

“She stood by ground zero workers who sacrificed their health after so many sacrificed their lives, and kept standing until this administration took action,” an announcer says over the post-attack images, which are the first to appear in television advertising from a 2008 presidential candidate.

One of Mr. Bush’s ads depicted firefighters removing a flag-covered body from the rubble. Others showed an American flag waving amid the destruction.

Will we see wall to wall coverage of Hillary’s flip flop on major mainstream media outlets? Will the far left and the mediots, who were among those leading the charge against the President’s brief use of 9-11 imagery in the “controversial” ad that ran back in 2004, be as ‘offended’ over Hillary’s use of 9-11 images? Don’t bet on it. The media are still in “cover for Hillary” mode, as evidenced by their (with a couple of exceptions) lack of serious interest (scroll) in her shady campaign fundraiser alliances.

Via Flopping Aces.

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