VIDEO: Bill Clinton smacks down 9-11 Truther

You know, when he’s not getting his lawyers involved in threatening a major TV network over the airing of a “docudrama” that doesn’t paint him in a positive light, and not angrily blaming tough questions made by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace on a “conservative conspiracy,” Bill Clinton sometimes gets it right:

I guess we could all this Bill Clinton’s second Sister Souljah moment.

Contrast Clinton’s response with how His Royal Phoneyness’ responded to a 9-11 Truther back in May:

Of course, Clinton isn’t president anymore, so he doesn’t have to pander to the base like he used to, but I really don’t believe his response would have been all that different had he been running for office or still in the WH. John Edwards, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to know when to stop pandering to the base. In fact, I don’t even think he wants to.

Another video I saw of Clinton at was one where he angrily confronted another heckler – but this time, he went on for much longer and if the video were clearer, we’d have probably been able to see that his face was likely as red as it got in that Chris Wallace interview:

The idiotic heckler in the crowd deserved the response he got from Clinton, but I want you to imagine that it was GWB or another prominent Republicans who talked that way to some rude idiot the left would likely call a “patriotic American.” The press, and the lefty blogs, would be beside themselves with “outrage” over alleged “silencing of dissent” etc etc.

Oh, and speaking of that, remember the attention-seeking Andrew “don’t tase me, bro’!” Meyer from Florida University, who disrupted a Kerry event last month with erratic behavior to the point the campus police stepped in and at one point tasered him? A Florida state police investigation has cleared campus police of any wrongdoing and the two officers who were put on paid administrative leave were reinstated. As it turns out, Meyer himself may be the one who ends up being charged with a crime.

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