Watching Code Pink is torture

Check out this video of Code Pink trying to demonstrate how waterboarding supposedly “really is” torture:

Mike at Flopping Aces notes, the geniuses were pouring water over the “victim’s” eyes, not nose and mouth. Their little demonstration tells people next to nothing about waterboarding but says a lot about the idiots who orchestrated the “torture segment” of their protest.

Oh, and did you hear that Senator Ted Kennedy opposes waterboarding on the grounds that he considers it torture? Weasel Zipper at Stop The ACLU pointed out that Mary Jo Kopechne wasn’t available for comment.

Speaking of alleged “torture,” James Jay Carafano is blogging from GITMO, where getting three squares a day and all the “prayer time” you want is considered torture by the Bush-hating left. You can read Carafano’s first report here.

And Alan Dershowitz has a must-read up in today’s WSJ on Democrats and waterboarding.

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