More good news from Iraq

Defeatocrats take notice: The good news is becoming so frequent in Iraq, that even the anti-war MSM can’t ignore it anymore:

—- The AP reports: Dramatic progress seen in Baghdad neighborhood (Amariyah) (which I blogged about earlier here)

—– The NYT, of all places, reports today that according to the US, Al Qaeda in Iraq have been run out of Baghdad. Andy McCarthy writes more about the story here, and notes that the NYT saw fit to not put this anywhere near the front page. Captain Ed rightly approaches the news with cautious optimism.

—– The WaPo has more on the news about Iraqis returning to Baghdad as the result of the decline in violence.

With all this going on, what are the Democrats in Congress doing? Crafting another cut and run resolution, in another apparent show of solidarity with candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the lack of concern about the strong likelihood that the US pulling out of Iraq too soon would lead to genocide. So much for their phony claims about being the “caring and compassionate” party.

ST reader GWR, in the thread on Michael Yon’s iconic picture, says it best:

And if the likes of Edwards, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Murtha, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, et al have their way, every one of these good people will die a gruesome painful death at the hands of the islamofascists.

This picture shows interfaith in action. It is a testimony to the fact that our soldiers’ sacrifices in Iraq have not been in vain. We would not deserve to be trusted anywhere in the world if we permit the left to abandon another people who rely on us for protection from terrorists.



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