Saturday links and weekend open thread

tiny treeThis is the little ceramic Christmas tree I keep on my desk here at home. And you thought my other one was little ;) My mother made it probably 20 years ago. She used to have a bigger version of the tree somewhere, but I don’t remember what happened to it. Ah well …

As per the norm, I’ll be away from the computer on Saturday, but wanted to post some links in the meantime for your perusal:

—– Think global warming alarmists are telling you the truth about polar bears? Ok, I realize you, my very smart readers, know they’re not telling the truth, but the ill-informed don’t. The Daily Mail tackles the agw polar bear arguments here.

—- While we’re on the topic of global warming, ST reader GWR sends along this link to some (surprise) biased reporting about how gw is supposedly having a horrible effect on nature. His comment in response:

In all the hysteria about mass extinctions, the writer forgot to mention that (a) it would take about 1000 years at the current rate of temperature increase to get to this level, (b) how many species become extinct every year regardless, (c) CO2 trails temperature increase, not causes it, and (d) the sun isn’t cooperating with the AGW cultists. Maybe the UN can pass a resolution demanding that the sun cool down. That should do it.

—– John Hinderaker at Powerline takes a look at Mike Huckabee’s recent rise in the polls and ponders about the possibility that Huckabee could be the Howard Dean of the 2008 election cycle. I doubt it, because I think Huckabee’s popularity will be shortlived. But then again, I’ve never been that great at predictions in politics, so my speculation on that front probably isn’t worth much ;)

—– While Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” speech was a hit with many conservatives, Lee Harris at TCS Daily wasn’t impressed. And The Politico’s Jonathan Martin says the speech isn’t playing well in Iowa.

—– I’ve officially declared MSNBC’s David Shuster the Mediot of the Month after his bigoted rant against Christians. He fits in on MSNBC very well.

—– Chavez’s pal Sean Penn has officially announced his support for a Democratic presidential contender: Dennis Kucinich. What does Kucinich now have in common with John Edwards, in addition to being a clueless Democrat? Back in June, Edwards invited onto the campaign trail with him actor and supporter Danny Glover, who also supports Chavez (and Fidel Castro, too). Maybe one day they can all meet for cigars. In Cuba. And stay there.

—– Will Obama supporter Oprah Winfrey, who’ll be in South Carolina on Sunday to promote her candidate, be feeling the love from SC voters? The NYT’s Katharine Q. Seelye looks at how Obama’s rivals – and their supporters – are reacting to and preparing for her upcoming visit.

—– If anyone’s taking nominations for jerks of the month, the two Penn State students (see photos at Drudge) who dressed as Virginia Tech victims, complete with blood-stained clothes and bullet holes, should be considered strong contenders.

—– Here’s a shocker: The Daily Mail has the story of the daughter of a British imam and how she’s been in hiding for 15 years – because she converted to Christianity (h/t: BCB).

—– Best wishes to my friend Angevin at the Oxford Medievalist, who is leaving the blogosphere. He did leave open the door the possibility of returning to blogging again sometime in the future, but for now has decided to take an extended leave of absence. I wish him well.

—– European dynamo Michael van der Galien has changed web addresses. The new one is Make sure to update your blogrolls/news feeds/bookmarks with the new info if you haven’t already.

—– Last but not least, I couldn’t let the day go by without remembering Pearl Harbor. 1,177 American soldiers lost their lives that fateful day aboard the USS Arizona. We will never forget.

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