Last night’s Republican Univision debate

I assume the reason there wasn’t more liveblogging on this debate was because it was broadcast on the Spanish language Univision channel, which not everyone has. Hugh Hewitt has a transcript of the debate here for anyone interested in reading it. John Hawkins points out some highlights of the debate here.

Tom Tancredo boycotted the debate, accusing his rivals of “pandering” to the Hispanic community.

Dafydd at Big Lizards takes on what he sees as the MSM’s slanted coverage of the debate here. I have Univision but didn’t watch the debate. However, even though I didn’t view it, I have scanned the transcript, and it doesn’t surprise me to see the MSM is engaging in a hefty amount of liberal bias on negatively framing the arguments that were made last night, because as we’ve seen in prior coverage of Republicans and immigration, the media typically tries make all conservatives look anti-Hispanic, when in actuality most of them are anti-illegal immigration. They just disagree on how to solve the problem.

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