The Des Moines Register and Boston Globe issue their caucus/primary endorsements (MORE: NH UNION LEADER ENDORSES MCCAIN)

Jules Crittenden has a rundown of the endorsements. In short, the Register endorsed Hillary and McCain, and the Globe endorsed Obama and McCain.

Probably the biggest surprise, as Captain Ed correctly points out, was the Register’s endorsement of McCain, as McCain hasn’t endeared himself to Iowa Republicans this campaign season. And let’s not forget that he ignored Iowa in 2000. In endorsing him, the Register cited McCain’s experience as a war veteran, POW, and longtime public servant who has shown a willingness to compromise with Democrats as key factors. That last bit, as well as his stances on illegal immigration and campaign finance reform, will doom him to lose not only Iowa but on Super Tuesday as well, in my opinion. Having an ability to compromise doesn’t lend itself to support amongst partisan primary voters, who are looking for someone who will represent their ideals in the national election, not compromise on them.

Brian at Liberty Pundit wrote a piece for Pajamas Media in which he predicts Obama/Huckabee wins in their respective caucuses. Assuming he’s correct, what will that mean for the candidates going into New Hampshire and beyond? Winning the Iowa caucus isn’t an automatic ticket to the nomination. As the Register noted in this piece, since 1972, “the eventual nominee of each party has been among the top three finishers in Iowa.” (emphasis mine)

We shall see.

4:05 PM Update: The Politico is reporting that – per anonymous GOP sources – Senator Joe Lieberman will endorse Senator McCain Monday. The Weekly Standard is reporting the same news.

4:56 PM Update: The NH Union Leader has endorsed John McCain.

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