Panthers at Tampa Bay (UPDATE: PANTHERS WIN 31-23)

It’s the last game of the season for the struggling Cats, who have suffered from a number of injuries this year, with the biggest one of them all being QB Jake Delhomme’s season-ending elbow injury he suffered against the Falcons back in week three.

For the Panthers, who stand at 6-9, this game is meaningless. At this point, they are just playing for pride against a division rival. Tampa Bay has already clinched the NFC South, and their starters will only see limited time today as Coach Jon “Chucky” Gruden is resting them up for the playoffs.

Game time is 1pm ET and it will be broadcast on Fox.

The more noteworthy story is yesterday’s announced retirement of 44 year-old Panthers QB Vinny Testaverde. Today’s game will be the last of his 21 year history with the NFL. Interestingly enough, Tampa Bay was the first NFL team Testaverde played for. I’m sure I’m not the only Panthers fan wishing him well today.

Rumors are also circulating that the Panthers head coach John Fox is leaving the Panthers to coach the UCLA Bruins. That rumor is untrue, as it was announced yesterday the job was going to Baltimore offensive coordinator Rick Neuheisel. In spite of the Panthers’ dismal past couple of years, owner Jerry Richardson reportedly still has confidence in John Fox and has said he’d like him to return to the Panthers next season.

Stay tuned …

Update: The Panthers played a pretty solid game today, much of it against some of TB’s second stringers, and win 31-23. Vinny took the symbolic last snap to finish out his NFL career.

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