Nobel author who declared Bill Clinton the “first black president” will endorse … Obama – PLUS other Campaign ’08 news

The hits just keep on comin’ for the Bubster:

ABC News’ Rick Klein and Sunlen Miller Report: Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison — who famously declared Bill Clinton to be the nation’s “first black president” in a 1998 essay — today endorsed Barack Obama for president, via letter from Morrison to the Illinois senator.

In it she writes, “this opportunity for a national evolution (even revolution) will not come again soon, and I am convinced you are the person to capture it.”

Morrison writes of her admiration for Hillary Clinton but says she “cared little for her gender as a source of my admiration”.

“Nor do I care very much for your race[s],” Morrison continues to Obama, “I would not support you if that was all you had to offer or because it might make me ‘proud.’ “

While Bubba is sure to feel this endorsement, too, as a stab in the back of sorts, as far as I know, the Congressional Black Caucus still considers him the “first black president” and, last I read, they were still divided over which Dem candidate to support this year.

In related Campaign ’08 news, the GOP candidates are battling it out on the eve of the FL primary, as Rudy continues to slip in polls there, slowly but surely making it a two-man race between Romney and McCain – could this be a Toldjah So in the making (minus the Thompson non-endorsement)? :D

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