Hottest QB evah? (Thursday/Friday open thread)

I’m following The Anchoress’ advice and taking a deep breath for a moment from all the craziness going on in politics to blog about a matter that, while not nearly as serious as a presidential election, is very important nonetheless.

MSN Lifestyle has ranked who they believe are the "Ten Sexiest QBs in History" – and Mr. Tom Brady is number one on their list.  I agree, of course.  :x

I’m cool with most of their selections, with the exception of Tony Romo.  I think he falls in the "cute" category more so than "sexy."  He has a boyish charm, but doesn’t make the ol’ heart go "THA-THUMP" (what are you thinking, Jessica?).  Peyton Manning wasn’t on the list, and I think he falls more into the "cute" category, too.  Very cute – like guy-next-door kind of cute. And Bret Favre, who was on the list, falls more in line in the "ruggedly handsome" category rather than "sexy," IMO, although the two can be interchangeable sometimes.  But hey – why quibble? I think most women would agree with me that each of the ten QBs mentioned does possess appeal to varying degrees …

I would have had an honorable mention list, and one would have gone to Rams QB Gus Frerotte, who I thought was a total hunk when he played for the Redskins.  And Steve Young would have been on that list, too. 

Scratch that. I would have taken Romo off the "10 sexiest" list and added Steve Young.    I mean, look at this pic – hello?

Preview - steveyoung1.jpg

I remember the one and only time I saw SY play football – it was against the Panthers here at Panthers Stadium many years ago.  It was the only time I ever rooted against the home team. Sigh … :-<

BTW, is it just me, or does Doug Flutie look a little like Mitt Romney in this pic?

Now, on to another burning issue: Super Bowl predictions.  Anyone thinking the Giants will pull off an upset on Sunday?

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