Learn more about Barack Obama

While I was scanning National Review’s The Corner blog earlier tonight, I came across a link to a fantastic blog that covers a variety of issues, but which is paying special attention to the candidacy of Barack Obama, and digging deeper than just the mythical fantasy candidate the MSM are making him out to be. To find out what the media won’t dig into, please bookmark Steve Sailer’s blog – specifically the Obama category and keep visiting. Excellent, excellent stuff there.

In fact, for the last several days I’ve been contemplating on developing a special section of this blog devoted to the candidacy of Barack Obama, digging deeper and focusing more on the man behind the “Barack star.” He might have the momentum swinging his way right now, but the Dem nomination is still up for grabs – and as the media begins its full-scale push for their Golden Boy to win the 2,025 delegates he needs to seal the deal, I think it will and should be the responsiblity of conservative bloggers to go the extra mile the media has and will continue to fail to do in informing voters about who Barack Obama is, and what he stands for.

Consider this: Two recent different Democrat focus groups could not name a single Barack Obama accomplishment (save one) yet they still supported him. This is awful.

Responsible conservative bloggers need to step up and get the word out.

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