NCAA fevah, baby! (THUR OPEN THREAD)

The NCAA tourney is now underway. Charlotte Observer metro columnist Tommy Tomlinson is liveblogging today’s action.

If you’re like most college basketball fans, this is your favorite time of the year when it comes to sports, and you’ve probably filled out at least one set of tourney brackets. Me? I picked Kansas and Duke to go to the final game, with Duke winning, of course :D

Howsabout you? Let’s hear some predictions. Who will be the Cinderella team(s)? Where do you see a big upset happening?

Update 1: In case you can’t get to a TV to watch the tourney, go here and select the game you want to watch.

Update 2 – 8:37 PM: The second half of the Duke game is progress and Belmont is giving Duke hell. I feel like I’m having a nightmare while I’m wide awake.

Update 3 – 9:23 PM: Whew. It is not supposed to be like this in the first round. I said last week during the ACC tourney that if Duke played in the NCAA tourney as bad as they did this past weekend, they weren’t going to go very far. They’re still not playing at their best and they better get it together if they want to go far this month.

Hats off to Belmont for a heck of a game, but no thanks for nearly giving me a heart attack!

Update 4 – 9:49 PM: Here are my tourney picks.

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